How does Bug Sweep work and bug sweep cost

How does Bug Sweep work?

 It is done in several phases. In the first phase, a radio frequency scan is conducted with a real time spectrum analyzer run through Kestrel TSCM Professional Software. All radio frequencies in the facility are recorded and evaluated for any rogue frequency emanating from within the facility under TSCM survey. If such a rogue frequency is available in the radio frequency spectrum, it is isolated, located and neutralized.

There are amateur operators posing as professionals, carrying handheld amateur bug detectors. Such detectors cannot differentiate between strong radio frequencies coming from outside the facility and a bug planted in the facility.

Next phase is to scan the facility with a highly sensitive thermal imager. Normal thermal imagers are handicapped in detecting heat footprints of bugs which are in the sleep mode, yet consuming power to become active at a predetermined day and time.

Telephone analyzer checks the landline telephone instrument and the telephone line for any kind of telephone taps.

Then there are several tools a TSCM Specialist has to detect different hidden electronic bugs. Cavities that cannot be accessed with the naked eye require the services of an endoscope or a borescope etc.

How much does bug sweep cost? 

Depends from twenty thousand onwards for a small room. It all depends on the location, size of the facility, electronic equipment it has, work stations etc.

Hard wired 

Certain electronic bugs can be hard wired to the existing power supply clandestinely so that it does not require recharging or replacing the batteries time and again.

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Catch the Spies in your Boardroom

The boardroom is a very important place where significant, confidential and crucial decisions take place. A competitor can get such information easily. Information leakage will lead to a serious security threat. Thus, a TSCM Sweep before such crucial meetings sanitizes the boardroom and cleans it of electronic bugs. These swept rooms are known as Bunker or War Room.

AV 2 Group is in TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) Bug Sweep Services for the past 20 years. We have highly skilled teams to help you secure your boardrooms and hence the important information with it.

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Thermography Survey

Statistics reveal that electrical equipment damage and lost connections cause 25% -30% of all failures to switchboards, switches, circuit breakers and cables. This type of fault is easy to detect using Infrared cameras. AV2 Group team will trace, quantify and trend the fault, allowing the management of the site to plan repairs during scheduled stoppages instead of panic reaction during sudden failures, let alone the possible risk of fire which can be catastrophic for the personnel and business. Our thermography survey helps reduce down time which will cost business in lost production time.

We recommend regular thermography surveys of the following types of equipment:

  • Fuse boards
  • Distribution boards
  • Busbar systems
  • Control panels
  • High voltage and medium voltage systems
  • Power line connections and insulators
  • Switch-gear
  • Electronic components
  • UPS and battery systems
  • PLC connections
  • Motor control centers
  • Transformer
  • DG Set

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    Technical Surveillance Counter Measures – TSCM

    Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) activities include detection and identification of electronic and non-electronic methods of information loss, design and implementation of communication security plans, evaluation of clients’ in-house TSCM programs and TSCM review.

    AV 2 Group, located in Noida, was founded by Mr. Anurag Saxena, a former Commandant of CRPF in November, 2001. A gallantry medal awardee, Mr. Saxena has an electronics background. He has a vast field experience in Anti Terrorist operations, counter espionage and similarly related measures. Trained in Israel, Canada and USA, he has set up a crack team for TSCM operations. This team has been equipped with the latest ‘State of the Art’ equipment and they keep themselves abreast with the latest technological advancements to counter any eavesdropping threat to their clients.


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      Electrical Thermography

      At AV2 Group we conduct infrared thermal imaging of machinery and electrical panels, helping the end user to detect faults before they become major issues. Our thermal imaging equipment produces accurate real time high resolution images; enabling engineers to detect problems that might otherwise go unnoticed. This also gives them the opportunity to undertake remedial maintenance prior to costly system failures or production stoppages. Using infrared thermography is effective across all sectors in helping to reduce maintenance costs and even identify possible improvements.

      Thermography is an excellent diagnostic maintenance tool that improves both efficiency and reliability of plant systems. Such surveys are conducted while the equipment is working under normal operational conditions, any problems will be quickly located allowing time to schedule maintenance immediately or when convenient for the production.

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        Telephone Analyzer ETA-3A

        The ETA-3a has been specifically designed for testing both single line and electronic business telephones in use worldwide today. You can measure operating voltages, measure instrument current do multi-tone sweeping and test all combinations of wires in up to an 8 wire cable (or
        more with adaptors)

        Tests New Phones and Systems
        Besides testing single line phones and fax machines, the ETA-3a is compatible with all types of electronic telephones systems and is the best way to safely test digital, hybrid and VOIP instruments.

        Audio Amplifier
        The ETA-3a uses an isolated high gain audio amplifier to check for even minute amounts of room or telephone audio on the wires being tested. This enables the user to tell if digital telephones have been modified and are sending room audio as data. The amplifier can be used on-line or off-line. In
        off line mode, it supplies the DC bias voltage required to energize electrets microphones or other types of listening devices.

        Multi-Tone Sweep
        The ETA-3a uses a unique multiple tone generator to detect infinity transmitters. Selectable Uni-tone or Multi-tone thoroughly tests phone lines for these attacks.
        High Voltage Testing
        High Voltage tests are designed to detect eavesdropping attacks utilizing bypasses on telephones that have mechanical hook switches . Voltage is adjusted by panel controls and displayed on the LCD meter. High Voltage cannot be accidentally connected to sensitive electronic systems and instruments.

        Simple Operation
        All required accessories and cables are included. So is a detailed test and
        operations manual. The ETA-3a is powered by internal gel cell batteries. Its
        charger operates on 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz.


        12” W x 10” D x 5”H



        • Police establishments
        • Paramilitary Forces
        • Army & Corporate Sector

        Police Body Worn Camera


        94 x 61 x 31mm


        • Recording:
          • Sensor: 5MP CMOS
          • Chipset: Ambarella A7LA50
          • Top pixel: 21MP (6,144×3,456P, 16:9) (5/8/10/12/16/21MP)
          • Video resolution: multiple recording resolution 2,304×1,296P at 30fps/1,920×1,080P at 30fps/1,280x720P at 60fps/1,280×720 at 30fps/848×480 at 60fps, 16:9)
          • Video format: H.264.AVI/MPEG4
          • Fast forward: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64X
          • Review: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64X
          • Audio: high-quality built-in microphone
          • Audio format: AAC2/MP3
          • Watermark: user ID, time and date stamp embedded into video
          • Camera: 21-megapixel camera optional burst shot (2-20 photos)
          • Continuous recording time: 600 minutes (battery full charged, IR closed, resolution ratio 848x480P)
          • Storage capacity: 16/32/64GB
          • Record LED: red
          • Pre-record function: ≥35 seconds, Last-record function: ≥10 minutes
          • Red IR switch: auto/manual
          • Audio guide: supported
          • GPS: supported
          • Language: Chinese/English/Russian/Korean/Polish(OEM)
          • Screen protection: 30 seconds/1/3/5 minutes
          • Timing photography: 5/10 seconds
          • Brightness: low/high
          • Auto-turn off: 30 seconds/1/3/5 minutes
          • Key tone: supported
          • Sound volume: supported
          • File type: police control/criminal inspection/public security
          • Slide: supported
          • Video/image review:
          • LCD screen: 2-inch TFT-LCD high-resolution color display
          • Audio playback: yes
          • Video output: HDMI 1.3 port
          • Video transfer: USB2.0
        • Camera
          • Recording angle: wide angle 140° , Night vision up to 10 meters with visible face detection
          • Waterproof: IP65
          • Clip: high-quality metal clip with 360° rotation
          • PTT: can connect to different types of radios
        • Battery
          • Type: built-in 2,800mAh lithium battery
          • Charging time: 180 minutes
          • Battery lifespan: 10 hours
          • Battery level: visual indicator
        • Others
          • Unique ID number/unit: Include 5 digit device ID and 6 digit *police ID
          • Password protect: to set an administrator password to allow detection via software, user can only view the videos but cannot delete it
          • Weight: 160g (5.64oz)
          • Working temperature: -20-70°C
          • Storage temperature: -20-55°C”


        • Police establishments


        Digital Voice Recorder

        Professional recorder Edic-mini Tiny+ B76 features tiny dimensions (31x25x6 mm), high recording quality, broad functionality being easy and convenient to use at the same time. Owing to standard battery as a power supply, B76 is flexible and effective in operation. It is perfectly suited both for everyday use and for those who keep the Recorder handy without recording too much. Modifications: B76-150h (in the mode 8 kHz, without compression)


        Height : 31mm   , Width : 25mm , Thickness : 6mm

        Main characteristics:

        • Due to the miniature size and solid metal case the device is very mobile and easy to use.
        • The recorder’s microphone is distinguished by high sensitivity and low noise level providing professional audio recording from up to 12 meters.
        • Low power consumption: Despite miniature dimensions, the recorder is able to operate in record mode up to 36 hours.
        • To power the recorder a widespread CR2016 battery is used, which can be replaced by a new one in a second to promptly continue recording. Therefore, having fresh power supply, you can record until the memory is full.
        • The device is extremely simple to use: recording is easily and quickly activated using a slide switch.
        • B76 supports the system of digital markers: inaudible markers are added to the record allowing it to identify the record’s time and date as well as the recorder’s type and its serial number; and the attempts to modify it.
        • Application of the USB 2.0 adapter allows it to quickly upload records onto the PC.
        • With the help of special software the user can easily adjust the quality and time of recording, enable and configure professional functions depending on the surrounding conditions and in accordance with the requirements.

        Main functions:

        • Continuous high-quality audio recording without signal’s compression at the distance of up to 12 meters
        • 8 GB of built-in memory, or up to 300 hours of recording time (in the mode 8kHz, without compression)
        • Continuous recording up to 36 hours from standard CR2016 battery
        • Recording is enabled with Switch, Voice Activation System (VAS), or daily and once timers
        • LED Indication of the recorder’s operation
        • Linear and circular record modes
        • The system of digital markers, allowing it to determine the authenticity of record
        • High-speed USB 2.0 (up to 7 Mb/s)
        • Built-in clock and calendar

        Additional options

        • To operate the recorder an updated version of the EMplus program is used, which functions allow it to:
        • Playback, uploads to the PC, edit and erase records
        • Configure recording, and set the desirable ratio of quality/duration
        • Connect and configure optional functions and options of the recorder (timers, VAS etc)
        • Playback records directly from the recorder without uploading them to the PC
        • Cut and perform operations with the selected part of record
        • Select and playback only the desirable record parts performed with VAS omitting parts without any voice   Information
        • Built-in tips make operation of the program very easy and convenient.

        To process sound and work with records we have developed the Sound Processor program intended to:

        • Process records to improve their intelligibility, suppressing noise etc
        • The option to automatically transform records to text using Google technology.


        • Weight : 16 g (without battery)
        • Case : Metal
        • Record time : 150hrs
        • Battery life in record mode : up to 36 hours
        • Power supply : Battery
        • Battery life in VAS mode : Up to 70 hours
        • Battery life in stand-by mode : Up to 9 Months
        • Built-in flash memory : 8 Gb
        • Interface  :  USB 2.0
        • Audio recording format : Mono
        • Frequency band : 100-1000Mhz
        • Dynamic range : -65 dB
        • Voice Activating System : Yes
        • Timer recording : Yes


        • Spy Recording
        • Seminar Recording
        • Lecture Recording
        • Board Meeting Recording

        Thermal Imager

        Quality right out of the box, with class-leading sensitivity and Super Resolution option (320 x 240), this series of imagers provides the right amount of power and flexibility to provide quality thermal imaging at an affordable value.

        Available in 4 variations to fit the needs of Building Science and Preventive Maintenance Professionals, This thermal supply the right amount of features for any job site.

        • (L x W x H) in inches : 6″ x 4.2″ x 10.3″


        • Large 3.5” LCD Screen
        • Detector Resolution 160 x 180
        • Super Resolution 320 x 240
        • <50 Mk NETD sensitivity
        • High Temperature Option 1022oF
        • Twin Pix image blending Solar Mode
        • Isotherms
        • Voice Annotation
        • Customizable Reporting Software



        • Detector type : 160 x 120 FPA Uncooled Micro bolometer
        • Pixels            : 19,200
        • SuperResolution (4x pixel upgrade) : 320 x 240 –
        • SuperResolution Pixels : 76,800
        • Thermal sensitivity : 50 mK
        • NIST Certification : Optional
        • Visual Camera :  Included
        • Standard Lens : 32° x 23° / 7″ min. focus
        • Telephoto Lens   9° x 7° / 20″ Min. focus : Optional
        • Telephoto Lens 11°x 9° / 19″ Min. focus : NA
        • Telephoto Lens 15°x 11° / 19″ Min.  focus : NA
        • Video output Via USB : Yes
        • Radiometric Video / Process Analysis : NA
        • Lens Protection Glass : Optional
        • IRSoft Analysis & Report software : Included
        • Image refresh rate : 33 Hz
        • Focus mode : Manual
        • Image modes : IR Image, Visual Image, Image Gallery
        • Spectral range : 8 to 14 mm
        • Image display : 3.5″ LCD 320 x 240 pixels
        • Menu Operation : 1 button joystick
        • Digital Zoom : NA
        • Rotating Display : NA
        • Rotating Handle : NA
        • Power LED Lights : NA
        • TwinPix ( Visual & IR Image Blending) : Yes ( with integrated camera option or import visual images into IRSoft from any camera source or smart phone)
        • Panoramic Assistant : NA
        • Site Recognition (Barcode & Database Solution) : NA
        • Temperature range : 662°F
        • Extended High Temperature Range : NA
        • Accuracy : ±2% of reading
        • Emissivity  Correction : 0.01 to 1.0
        • osphere Correction (Reflected Temperature) : NA
        • Measurement modes : Center Point, Two-point measurement, Auto Hot-/Cold-Spot-recognition, Area  measurement (Min-/Max-On-Area)
        • Color palettes : 9 (Iron, rainbow, cold-hot, blue-red, grey, inverted grey,sepia,  iron HT)
        • Voice Annotation ( 30 Sec. per image) : NA
        • Isotherm Function : NA
        • ISO Certification : Optional
        • Solar mode (Solar Intensity Values) : Yes
        • Surface Moisture distribution : NA
        • Humidity measurement with Radio Probe : NA
        • File format : .bmt     Export formats- bmp, jpg, cvs, png, xls
        • Storage device : 2GB SD Card
        • Battery type :  Li-ion –  4+ hour run time
        • Additional Battery : Optional
        • Battery Charging : Internal
        • External Rapid Charger : Optional
        • Operating  temperature range : 5°F to 104°F
        • Storage Range (IEC 60529) : ̵ 22°F to 140°F
        • Vibration (IEC 60068-2-6): 2G
        • Weight : 2 lbs.
        • Dimensions (L x W x H) in inches : 6″ x 4.2″ x 10.3″
        • Imager protection Class : IP 54
        • Hard travel case : Yes
        • Tripod mounting : Included
        • Housing : ABS Plastic
        • Software System requirements : Windows 8, XP(SP2), Vista, 7 and USB 2.0 Port


        • Industrial Sector
        • Police establishments
        • Paramilitary Forces
        • Army & Corporate Sector
        • Security services


        Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD 2.4GHZ)

        The Non-Linear Junction Detector for detecting hidden electronic Devices. A Non-Linear Junction Detector detects the presence of Electronics, regardless of whether the electronic target is radiating, hard wired, or even turned off.

        The NLJD quickly detects and locates hidden electronic devices and is designed for:

        • Commercial security applications such as checking corporate Board rooms or offices for unauthorized or hidden electronics
        • Searching secure areas for hidden or prohibited electronics,
        • Searching for contraband cell phones or other electronic contraband in prisons.

        The NLJD locates hidden electronics in walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, furniture, or Containers. The NLJD has an antenna-mounted line-of-sight display that lets the operator focus on the target while sweeping. The NLJD 2.4 transmits at 2.4GHz frequency for detecting Small electronics such as SIM cards and cell phones.


        • Dim: 22.4 in x 3.75 in x 3 in (57 cm x 9cm x 7.5 cm)
        • Overall Extended Length: 58 in (147 cm)
        • NLJD2.4 Weight w/Battery: 2.8 lbs (1.3kg)

        Technical Advantages
        1. DIGITAL MODULATION & CORRELATION – digitally modulated transmit signal with
        Correlated 2nd & 3rd harmonic response provides improved detection & minimizes interference.
        2.  WIDE BANDWIDTH TRANSMIT SIGNAL: 1.25MHz increases detection sensitivity
        3.  MULTIPLE ALERT METHODS- Alert tones and Haptic (vibration) alert can be selected to alert when signal levels surpass the trip levels
        4.  LED HEAD LAMP: Illuminates target area
        5.  MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC POWER CONTROL up to 3.3 watts
        6.  SMALL LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – weighs 2.8 lbs/1.3 kg
        7. LINE OF SIGHT ANTENNA MOUNTED DISPLAY allows user to focus eyes on sweeping target and display at same time.
        8. INTEGRATED POLE – no pole or cable assembly required.
        9. SYNTHESIZED TRANSCEIVER provides frequency stability and agility to automatically search for clean operating frequencies (2.404GHz to 2.472GHz).
        10. CIRCULARLY POLARIZED TRANSMIT AND RECEIVE ANTENNA removes risk of missing a threat due to incorrect antenna polarization.



        • Frequency Bands: 2.404GHz – 2.472GHz
        • Transmit Channels: Manual or auto selection, more than 60 available
        • Transmit Power: 3.3 watts EIRP
        • Power Control: Manual or auto control
        • Transmit Modulation: Digital 1.25 MHz BW


        • Simultaneous 2nd & 3rd harmonic receive
        • Digitally Correlated
        • Frequency Bands: Transmit Band (2.404GHz – 2.472GHz);
        • Second Harmonic (4.808GHz – 4.944GHz);
        • Third Harmonic (7.212GHz – 7.416GHz)
        • Sensitivity: -140 dBm for both harmonics


        • Police establishments
        • Paramilitary Forces
        • Army
        • Corporate Sector