How does Bug Sweep work and bug sweep cost

How does Bug Sweep work?

 It is done in several phases. In the first phase, a radio frequency scan is conducted with a real time spectrum analyzer run through Kestrel TSCM Professional Software. All radio frequencies in the facility are recorded and evaluated for any rogue frequency emanating from within the facility under TSCM survey. If such a rogue frequency is available in the radio frequency spectrum, it is isolated, located and neutralized.

There are amateur operators posing as professionals, carrying handheld amateur bug detectors. Such detectors cannot differentiate between strong radio frequencies coming from outside the facility and a bug planted in the facility.

Next phase is to scan the facility with a highly sensitive thermal imager. Normal thermal imagers are handicapped in detecting heat footprints of bugs which are in the sleep mode, yet consuming power to become active at a predetermined day and time.

Telephone analyzer checks the landline telephone instrument and the telephone line for any kind of telephone taps.

Then there are several tools a TSCM Specialist has to detect different hidden electronic bugs. Cavities that cannot be accessed with the naked eye require the services of an endoscope or a borescope etc.

How much does bug sweep cost? 

Depends from twenty thousand onwards for a small room. It all depends on the location, size of the facility, electronic equipment it has, work stations etc.

Hard wired 

Certain electronic bugs can be hard wired to the existing power supply clandestinely so that it does not require recharging or replacing the batteries time and again.

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Catch the Spies in your Boardroom

The boardroom is a very important place where significant, confidential and crucial decisions take place. A competitor can get such information easily. Information leakage will lead to a serious security threat. Thus, a TSCM Sweep before such crucial meetings sanitizes the boardroom and cleans it of electronic bugs. These swept rooms are known as Bunker or War Room.

AV 2 Group is in TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) Bug Sweep Services for the past 20 years. We have highly skilled teams to help you secure your boardrooms and hence the important information with it.

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