Corporate Espionage Detection

Corporate Espionage is an attempt to obtain trade secrets of a competitor or a business rival through dishonest means such as by employing telephone taps, micro audio transmitters, micro video transmitters, voice recorders, microphones, etc or infiltration of a competitor’s workforce etc.

As per a survey conducted by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham), under a veil of secrecy, over 35 percent of companies operating in various sectors across India are engaged in corporate espionage to gain advantage over their competitors.

Do you think that you are also a victim of Corporate Espionage and your competitors are gaining advantage by your industry insights which are being passed to them by means of electronic bugs?

Corporate Espionage can cause a major damage to the company’s reputation and your business. It can cause

  • Loss in business and sales
  • Losing tenders
  • Important information leakage pertaining to marketing strategy, new launch, production etc

But you can stop this from happening, by hiring professional TSCM experts like AV2 Group. We have sophisticated techniques, methods and equipment to make your office a secure place once again.

We have expertise and capability in detecting any kind of electronic bug which has been planted in your facility leading to Corporate Espionage.

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Sweep for Electronic Bugs

DSC_0193Do you ever wonder who is listening in on you? Do you think you have been bugged or you are being a victim of Eavesdropping by people who don’t want you to succeed in life or your business? Well! You might be correct.

Hidden spy cameras, listening devices, audio and video transmitters and telephone tapping devices are the most common form of electronic bugs that can be planted in your offices, homes, cars, hotel rooms and washrooms. Purposes of the electronic bugs are

  • Data theft in offices
  • Privacy hijacking
  • Stealing your business critical information
  • Filming obscene pictures and videos
  • Spying on you

These electronic bugs implanted on hotel rooms, office conference rooms, hotel washrooms and your bedroom are very small and are generally planted by the people you trust. So if you suspect that you are being watched, do not speak about it to anyone. Just contact electronic bugs sweeping experts like AV2 Group.

If you suspect that any of the above mentioned bugs have been planted in your facility, contact us for sweep services for electronic bugs and eavesdropping detection.

We have a dedicated and trustworthy team of experts in TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) services, who understand the importance of your privacy and data secrecy.

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Eavesdropping Detection Services

DSC_0198Dictionary meaning of Eavesdropping– “Eavesdropping is secretly listening to the private conversation of others without their consent.”

Planting a bug (Audio Transmitter or a phone tapping device) to listen to your private conversations and using the same to steal data or information and corporate espionage also come in eavesdropping category.

However there are much smarter ways to listen to your private conversation than the traditional tapping of phone lines. You might not even know that who is listening to your conversation and using the same for their personal benefits causing loss to you and your business.

Anyone can plant an electronic bug to eavesdrop on your conversations and use them for stealing tenders, using critical information and stealing all your business moves and hence causing you and your business a damage that might affect you for a very long time.

How to deal with it? – Eavesdropping Detection Solutions

Fortunately there are ways. TSCM experts like AV2 Group are equipped with highly sophisticated Eavesdropping Detection equipment, also known as Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) equipment, which can sweep your facility for electronic bugs (debugging services) and hence make your facility a safe place again.

Send us your query using the button below or write to us at or or call us at 0120 – 431 7823 or +919810635360 to get top quality Eavesdropping Detection Services by highly trained and certified debugging experts. Please remember not to call us from your phone or your mail ID or from your facility requiring our services. We understand that your business information is critical for you and needs to be protected.

Debugging Services or Counter Surveillance Services

DSC_0227What is debugging or bugs sweep or Counter Surveillance Services? These are different names for TSCM services (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) which actually is sweeping your facility for electronic bugs using highly sophisticated equipment.

Debugging services are highly sophisticated techniques and methods of electronic bugs’ detection in your facility, performed by trained and certified professionals like the ones at AV2 Group, using advance debugging equipment.

Bugs Sweep or Debugging services can detect

  • Tapped phone lines
  • Hidden or Spy Cameras
  • Audio Transmitters
  • Video Transmitters
  • Audio Recorders
  • Video Recorders
  • Micro Chip based bugs etc
  • GSM bugs etc

If you suspect that your home, office or vehicles are bugged, contact us. Write to us at or or call us at 0120 – 431 7823 or +919810635360 to get professional electronic bugs sweep services by highly trained and certified debugging experts at AV2 Group. Please remember not to call us from your phone or your mail ID or from your facility requiring our services.

We understand the importance of your privacy and we will do everything to make you feel safe again.

Conference Rooms Security

DSC_0202Are Your Conference Rooms Safe? Make it happen by TSCM debugging Services

Conference Room is a place in your office where all big decisions happen. It’s the only place in your office where all the critical data is shared with the team. But are you sure that you are not sharing it with your competitors?

Conference room bugs are the most common kind of bugs big corporations find. A victim of conference room bugs generally

  • Looses important contracts
  • Misses out on tenders
  • Looses important sales pitches
  • Sees a major downfall in business after all the efforts being done

Do you think that you are also a victim of eavesdropping and data theft? Your conference rooms can be bugged using following

  • Phone lines tapping
  • Hidden transmitters
  • Spy Cameras
  • Micro audio recorders
  • Micro audio video recorders

If you feel that you are being watched, don’t wait and call us now from a phone line outside of your facility and we will get back to you. We are a team of highly trained professionals in TSCM services and our expertise lies in debugging services for offices, homes, factories, Vehicles etc.

In our debugging services (TSCM Services), we use highly sophisticated equipment and scan your vicinity for Bugs, which once found are removed professionally to make your office a secure place again.