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Covert Bulletproof Vest

This bulletproof vest is a personal protective armour, which soaks the effect and stops the firearm projectiles and shrapnel on the torso. It has multi layers of 100% aramid fabric in a breathable cotton cover which can be washed from time to time. The aramid fabric is water resistant and so moisture does not affect its bullet stopping properties over a period of time.

The covert bullet proof vest sits comfortably under the garments as it is a soft armour wrap which can be adjusted according to the torso size with the help of Velcro.

Special Features:
It provides full upper body protection and at the same time it allows unrestrictedmanoeuvrability. The velcro adjustments on sides and shoulders allow variation of 10cm in waist size and 5cm in length.

Threat level IIIA:
It can stop bullets from all type of pistols, revolvers, 9mm Carbine and MP 5A fired from a distance of 5meters.

Weight & Size
This ballistic vest weighs approximately 1.8 Kgs depending on the size. It is versatile and is custom made to any size varying from small to extra large.


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