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Digital Voice Recorder

Professional recorder Edic-mini Tiny+ B76 features tiny dimensions (31x25x6 mm), high recording quality, broad functionality being easy and convenient to use at the same time. Owing to standard battery as a power supply, B76 is flexible and effective in operation. It is perfectly suited both for everyday use and for those who keep the Recorder handy without recording too much. Modifications: B76-150h (in the mode 8 kHz, without compression)


Height : 31mm   , Width : 25mm , Thickness : 6mm

Main characteristics:

  • Due to the miniature size and solid metal case the device is very mobile and easy to use.
  • The recorder’s microphone is distinguished by high sensitivity and low noise level providing professional audio recording from up to 12 meters.
  • Low power consumption: Despite miniature dimensions, the recorder is able to operate in record mode up to 36 hours.
  • To power the recorder a widespread CR2016 battery is used, which can be replaced by a new one in a second to promptly continue recording. Therefore, having fresh power supply, you can record until the memory is full.
  • The device is extremely simple to use: recording is easily and quickly activated using a slide switch.
  • B76 supports the system of digital markers: inaudible markers are added to the record allowing it to identify the record’s time and date as well as the recorder’s type and its serial number; and the attempts to modify it.
  • Application of the USB 2.0 adapter allows it to quickly upload records onto the PC.
  • With the help of special software the user can easily adjust the quality and time of recording, enable and configure professional functions depending on the surrounding conditions and in accordance with the requirements.

Main functions:

  • Continuous high-quality audio recording without signal’s compression at the distance of up to 12 meters
  • 8 GB of built-in memory, or up to 300 hours of recording time (in the mode 8kHz, without compression)
  • Continuous recording up to 36 hours from standard CR2016 battery
  • Recording is enabled with Switch, Voice Activation System (VAS), or daily and once timers
  • LED Indication of the recorder’s operation
  • Linear and circular record modes
  • The system of digital markers, allowing it to determine the authenticity of record
  • High-speed USB 2.0 (up to 7 Mb/s)
  • Built-in clock and calendar

Additional options

  • To operate the recorder an updated version of the EMplus program is used, which functions allow it to:
  • Playback, uploads to the PC, edit and erase records
  • Configure recording, and set the desirable ratio of quality/duration
  • Connect and configure optional functions and options of the recorder (timers, VAS etc)
  • Playback records directly from the recorder without uploading them to the PC
  • Cut and perform operations with the selected part of record
  • Select and playback only the desirable record parts performed with VAS omitting parts without any voice   Information
  • Built-in tips make operation of the program very easy and convenient.

To process sound and work with records we have developed the Sound Processor program intended to:

  • Process records to improve their intelligibility, suppressing noise etc
  • The option to automatically transform records to text using Google technology.


  • Weight : 16 g (without battery)
  • Case : Metal
  • Record time : 150hrs
  • Battery life in record mode : up to 36 hours
  • Power supply : Battery
  • Battery life in VAS mode : Up to 70 hours
  • Battery life in stand-by mode : Up to 9 Months
  • Built-in flash memory : 8 Gb
  • Interface  :  USB 2.0
  • Audio recording format : Mono
  • Frequency band : 100-1000Mhz
  • Dynamic range : -65 dB
  • Voice Activating System : Yes
  • Timer recording : Yes


  • Spy Recording
  • Seminar Recording
  • Lecture Recording
  • Board Meeting Recording

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