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What is TSCM?
TSCM stands for Technical Surveillance countermeasures. TSCM is essentially an inspection by a TSCM specialist of a facility (office, board room, meeting room, home, hotel, farm house, car or a vehicle etc…). The purpose is to locate possible covert surveillance devices (electronic bugs), evaluate technical security weakness and hazards. A TSCM specialist will also evaluate for weaknesses all systems of physical and electronic security or controls.

By what other names TSCM is known?
TSCM is also known by various names, such as:

  1. Debugging Service
  2. Bugs Sweep Service
  3. Eavesdropping Detection Service
  4. Corporate Espionage Detection Service
  5. Electronics Sweeping Service
  6. Counter Surveillance Service
  7. Counterespionage Investigation Service
  8. RF Bug Detections Service
  9. Anti Surveillance Service
  10. Bug Detection Service
  11. ECM ( Electronic Counter Measure ) Service
  12. Counter Intelligence Service


What is an electronic bug?
It could be a micro radio frequency transmitter which transmits room audio or audio and video both. It could be a transmitter sitting in a telephone instrument, or any electronic or non electronic device which is inside the facility. It could also be a micro recorder, a GSM transmitter, or any device through which information can be transmitted or recorded.



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