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Conference Rooms Security

DSC_0202Are Your Conference Rooms Safe? Make it happen by TSCM debugging Services

Conference Room is a place in your office where all big decisions happen. It’s the only place in your office where all the critical data is shared with the team. But are you sure that you are not sharing it with your competitors?

Conference room bugs are the most common kind of bugs big corporations find. A victim of conference room bugs generally

  • Looses important contracts
  • Misses out on tenders
  • Looses important sales pitches
  • Sees a major downfall in business after all the efforts being done

Do you think that you are also a victim of eavesdropping and data theft? Your conference rooms can be bugged using following

  • Phone lines tapping
  • Hidden transmitters
  • Spy Cameras
  • Micro audio recorders
  • Micro audio video recorders

If you feel that you are being watched, don’t wait and call us now from a phone line outside of your facility and we will get back to you. We are a team of highly trained professionals in TSCM services and our expertise lies in debugging services for offices, homes, factories, Vehicles etc.

In our debugging services (TSCM Services), we use highly sophisticated equipment and scan your vicinity for Bugs, which once found are removed professionally to make your office a secure place again.

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