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Radio Frequency Analysis

AV 2 Group possesses astounding capabilities to log with their strength and evaluate all the radio frequencies present in the environments of the client’s facility, besides recording them in details. Though analogue micro transmitters are hardly any effort to detect, we excel in detecting hidden digital micro transmitters using complex modulation techniques with utmost accuracy. We have a track record of detecting covert eavesdropping devices like snuggled transmitters, spread Spectrum transmitters, carrier current transmitters etc. Not to mention, voice activated transmitters and remotely controlled transmitters have been detected recently.

GSM bugs, till recently hard to detect, can now be detected within minutes with our latest software driven spectrum analyzers. Thanks to the sophisticated equipment that we use and the constant research in the field of bugging, debugging, anti bugging etc. by our technicians.

Covert eavesdropping equipment that cannot be detected by a non linear junction detector is now detectable by our latest thermography technique.

Hidden cameras are no longer difficult to detect. We maintain a huge database and technical profile of almost all the eavesdropping devices available in the international market, thus empowering us to detect such devices faster than anyone else with tremendous accuracy. Reason why corporate clients spread word about our technical acumen to their business associates. We do not have any marketing team to promote our services. Our credentials are our satisfied clients ranging from

  • Financial Services
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • IT
  • Media
  • Hotels
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Real Estate agencies
  • Government agencies
  • Big business houses and industries
  • Shipping and mining establishments

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