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When is TSCM Required?

Before and during a very important boardroom meeting or a meeting where very crucial decisions have to be taken.  These are few cases when TSCM is essential.

  • When business secrets are leaking leading to losses or despite best efforts to maintain secrecy, vital information is getting leaked out.
  • When a third person is privy to your telephonic conversations.
  • When your location is known to undesirable persons or competitors etc.
  • When conversations taking place in a car are known to others.
  • Hotel rooms require TSCM surveys before check in by business or VIPs attending important meetings or business deals.


What should you do when you feel you are bugged?

Contact us @ +9110635360
from outside the facility that you feel is bugged. Do not ring us through your mobile or landline phone as they could be bugged too. Do not mail through your mail ID or server.


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